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  Friday, 23 June 2023
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Specificity: Please be as specific as possible when describing the task or issue. Include the webpage URL, the section of the page, and a detailed description of what's wrong or what you want to be done.

Include Screenshots or Screen Recordings: If possible, include screenshots or screen recordings depicting the problem or illustrating the task. This will help us to understand and resolve your issue more quickly.

Priority Level: Please indicate the priority level for each task or bug: Low, Medium, or Critical. This will help us to manage and prioritize our tasks more effectively.

One Issue Per Post: To ensure that nothing is missed, please only post one issue or task per post.

Deadline: If there is a specific deadline for a task, please include that in your description.

No Personal or Sensitive Information: Please do not include any personal, sensitive or confidential information in your posts. If such information needs to be shared for resolving the issue, it will be requested via secure methods.

Updates and Follow-Ups: If you have updates or need to provide additional information related to your post, please add them to the existing post rather than creating a new one.

Respect and Courtesy: Please remember to maintain a tone of respect and professionalism in all communications. We're here to assist and resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

Post Completion: Once a task is completed or an issue is resolved, confirm it in the post thread. If the solution provided doesn't solve the issue, please reply promptly to keep the troubleshooting process active.

Avoid Duplication: Before creating a new post, please search the existing posts to see if the issue or a similar task has already been reported or requested. This will help to avoid duplication and make the process more efficient.

Please remember that following these guidelines will help us assist you better and resolve your queries faster. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
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